Here are some quotes from 'WHAT IS AIDS?':
"The non-African believes promiscuity is the chief cause of AIDS in Africa. The African perspective is that although promiscuity, like Saul, may have slain its 'thousands', international prostitution, like David, has slain its 'tens of thousands', and that poverty, not lust, is what drives the girls to prostitution" [page ix].

"It is well to remember some of the findings of clinical epidemiology. These are that

1. In Africa, money for sex, and sex for money leads to quantitatively abnormal sexual intercourse.
2. Such intercourse leads to an unhealthy traumatisation of the perineum, producing ulcers.
3. Such venereal ulcers and warts allow AIDS virus to invade the body.
4. Condom non-use is widespread and is often controlled by pimps and brothel queens most of whom have never seen the 'robba' in their lives.

Having sex with a prostitute, even once, has dangerous implications as shown below:

  • Having sex even once with a village prostitute is equivalent to having sex with 10 to 20 strangers
  • Having sex even once with a town prostitute is equivalent to having sex with 100 to 200 strangers
  • Having sex even once with a city prostitute is equivalent to having sex with 1000 to 2000 strangers
  • Having sex even once with an international prostitute (eg. in Ivory Coast, Kenya, Zaire, Holland, West Germany, Philippines, Thailand) is equivalent to having sex with 10,000 to 20,000 strangers
6. Babies with AIDS are almost invariably (in Africa at least) sons and daughters of prostitutes, and in Europe and the USA of intra-venous drug abusers, or both - prostitutes being defined as women who accept money and other payment for sex. They do not have to be walking the streets. [Where AiDS babies are born to mothers who have nothing to do with prostitution and who have no risk factors for AIDS, then the father of the children is the one who may have been sampling prostitutes, again defined as sex partners who accept money for the sex act. The partner may be a school girl or housewife who has never walked the streets, but functionally if money or gifts change hands, then what is called promiscuity is really prostitution.]
7. In male-male sex the one who receives the male organ, stands the greater risk of getting AIDS.
8. The uncircumcised male gets AIDS quicker than the circumcised, as confirmed by Cameron and colleagues (1989), and Bongaarts and co-workers (1989).
9. Use of injection needles can lead to AIDS.
10. Blood that is unscreened for transfusion can produce not only malaria and hepatitis in the transfused, but also AIDS "
[pages 91 & 92]

"As far as vaccinating African's against AIDS is concerned, the best comment I have heard is from the same tribal chief who was irritated by the promiscuity message (Appendix B). When told about the search for a vaccine, he gaped with incredulity, and asked,

'You mean they are going to prick us with needles so we can do what we like?'

This man, without a University degree, reckoned that the whole thing did not make sense. For the developed world however, it makes enormous sense. Not least because they can pay for it." [pages 146-147]

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What is AIDS?
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